Monday, April 6, 2009

de beisbol

I am going to watch my first Yankees game for the year. After a tumultous off-season (maybe it just seemed that way to me because it was the first off-season I really paid attention to), the game is back and Michael Kay's voice is back and all is right with the world.

I already missed the booing of Teixeira. Game on!

sometimes it's hard to be a big boy

The Pie just couldn't wake up this morning. When he finally got out of bed, he was in tears because he was still so sleepy.

He walked into my tummy and cried. I felt so sorry for him. I asked him if he didn't want to wake up and he shook his head. I told him I knew how he felt because I didn't want to wake up this morning either. I told him I know it's hard sometimes to be a big boy.

I picked him up and held him on my hip and got him his breakfast with one hand, just like I used to when he was a baby. My back is paying for that now, let me tell you, but there was a sweet familiarity to it. I really miss him being a baby.

As I fed him his cereal, I told him I understood how hard it is to be a big boy and how sometimes you just need your Mummy to feed you breakfast. I told him I didn't have that when I was small and I told myself, even then, when I had my own children I would make sure they didn't feel like I did.

I told him that it is hard to deal with all of the new responsibilities that come with getting bigger and that I couldn't do what I was doing every day. But I wanted him to know I understand and it's okay to feel that way. Poor little guy. He felt much better after his breakfast and went off to shower. Just like a big boy.

my phone went bye-bye

My phone was just fine on Saturday morning. I used it, played Solitaire on it and the alarm went off as normal. It was fully charged from the night before. I get to class and realize the power is off. That has been known to happen and I usually just remove the battery and put it back in. That hasn't happened in a long time, but I didn't think too much of it. I did the thing and tried powering it back up but the test was about to start and I couldn't hold down the power button for the few seconds needed to start it up.

Plus, it makes some noise when it powers up and the substitute procter was a bit of a drip, so I didn't want to make a fusss.

During the break, I tried again and it didn't start. I wondered if the charge died, even though it had been charged over night. I couldn't check that in class and used a friend's phone to ring John after class, as we had arranged to meet up to take Pie to Target to get some new socks and such.

I tried charging it when I came home but the charge light wasn't coming on and the phone just wouldn't start up. John had a go at it and just told me the phone is broken. He offered to give me his phone while he is at work and I could use my sim card in it so I could keep my number. We weren't sure a new phone was in the works.

When I came home from class yesterday, he said it might be best to bite it and get new phones. i didn't want to say anything, but I go to different places in the City for workshops and I feel much safer with my phone and being able to call John. Not because he worries. Heaven forfend! But just because I like to call when I am on my way home and in case anything happens to me (I hope never!) and I don't get home, he at least knows when he last heard from me and where. It's a thing. I watched a lot of "Law and Order", what can I say? I know he's probably laughing as he reads this, but whatever. It's not like he actually answers the goddamn phone anyway.

Anyhoo, I digress.

We narrowed down some possibilities. I liked the Samsung Propel, the Motorola EM330 and the Samsung A737. We went to a store and I had a look at the Samsung A737 but didn't particularly like the flush keypad. I really liked the Motorola but it's a pretty new phone in the States and couldn't find one to look at. I had seen the Propel before and always liked it.

We went back and forth on a data plan or a text plan. I went to bed. This morning John told me he choose a slider for himself and got the Propel for me. I guess we should get our new phones by the end of the week.

I am sorry to lose my phone. It was pda as well and I loved being able to plan my life on my phone and know exactly what I was doing no matter where I was. I was quite happy to keep that phone for another year, or more. John was the one who needed a new phone as his camera had died and he was having some other problem I cannot remember.

Oh well. I'm sure I will like the Propel just fine. I even got it in green!

the lsat chronicles - test 3 and session 9

Test 3 came a week early because Tutor had to be out of town on Saturday and thought we'd prefer a substitute procter over a substitute teacher. He called it.

The SP was a bit... well... rude. He pretty much answered no one. It was a little strange. One woman said she came into the room first and told him "good morning" and he ignored her. He ignored me when I told him goodbye. He ignored the repeated questions asked about whether the writing sample was optional.

Tutor asked how we felt about him. I told him we missed him a lot but I couldn't say anything about the SP because he didn't really bring his personality to the room. Everyone else said he was just rude. I had to laugh. It was true. I said maybe he was just have a bad day. Tutor said he felt very wanted after that. I suggested maybe he should be a little meaner to us because clearly we are spoiled from his affability. He then roughly told us to turn to page so-and-so.

I didn't hear and asked him what page and he roughed me up and I apologized for not paying attention. Then I had to ask my seatmate for the page anyway! It was good to start the class with a laugh. We did miss Tutor.

The test itself on Saturday wasn't so bad. There were 3 Logical Reasoning sections, which was exhausting. Anyone of them could be the experimental section, so you just had to slog through. The Logic Games was half-and-half. There were 2 great questions and I soared through those. One was just mind-boggling but I did actually get through the sketch and, had I stuck with it a couple more minutes, I would have been able to work it out. But I was so confuffled by what the questions were asking that I just lost it. They gave you seven suspects, each questioned by the police in some kind of order, and then expect you figure out who confessed! It was just something else.

The 4th game was a lot harder than it looked. I thought it was pretty good, but I got too many wrong. I should have done better. I should have done better on both because I was almost there in the suspects question. Must learn not to get intimidated by dumb questions.

The Reading Comp was good and I was very happy with that. My overall score stayed the same and I guess that is a good thing for a test that came a week early and covered things we hadn't been taught. Still, I would have liked to see some improvement, especially in Logical Reasoning.

Sunday morning brought Tutor all cheery and bright. He went through the suspects questions with me before class started and offered to go through the next one after class. We started class with a Reading Comp quiz and I was very pleased with my score.

The entire weekend was marred by me having a bad cold. I was ok during the test but got all wooly-headed in class. We spent session 9 on Reading Comp and dealing with roadmapping the passage and identifying questions types. Luckily for me, I did a lot of that in the online workshops that Kaplan offers with the LSAT Extreme class, so I could zone out a little every now and then. And every time I blew my nose, I couldn't hear anything. I had to blow my nose a lot. I was glad I covered a lot of the class beforehand.

I have a workshop tonight and I am hoping I can spend today quietly so I can save up my energy for later. Here's hoping.