Friday, June 18, 2010

they don't call it law preview for nothin'

Prof Exam Prep pointed out that by 3:30, he will start to see people under the table, sleeping. I thought the was joking, even as my own eyes were closing and I was fighting to stay away. Not because I'm bored. Nothing about this week has been even the tiniest bit boring, but exactly the opposite. I haven't been this stimulated since my days at "The Guardian" and I am exhausted.

I came home a little earlier than usual and crashed for 4 hours. I only woke up because I was hungry and then Pie pulled me into "Avatar". I don't have any reading for tomorrow and I am looking forward to going back to bed. And I was so glad it wasn't just me. I actually saw people putting their heads on the desk and heads bobbing onto chests. It stopped being funny.

While the actual work in law school will be more intense, at least I won't be sitting in a classroom for 10 hours.

This class has been such a good experience. It has been pleasant to see how people, myself included, have grown in just a few days. Many of the diffident are more confident when trying to make a point and that alone makes them more interesting to listen to. If someone is willing to get behind what he says, you want to hear it, if just to refute it. Saying, "really quickly, I have a question" and then droning for 90 seconds over an unformed thought is painful for the listener and certainly I stop caring what you have to say.

We have Legal Writing tomorrow and NYLS has some decent emphasis on this, so this is the class I have been looking forward to most. But I have enjoyed the overviews given by all the teachers this past week. I have such a better understanding of what I am getting myself into, many of my pre-conceptions have been clarified and dispelled in some cases.