Thursday, April 26, 2012

my 2L year is fading fast

Last December, I was more thrown by the fact that I was halfway through law school than I was when I completed my 1L year. I still cannot believe I am here, sometimes. There are still times when I want to shout, "I'M IN FUCKING LAW SCHOOL!!!"

However, reality sets in and I realize I am hip-fucking-deep in law school and I better get a move on before I forget how to apply Chevron or which level of scrutiny is the court talking about this time.

2L has been a great year, to say the least. I got 2 very cool internships and kicked ass in both of them, and secured yet another fantastic internship for this summer. I think someone put it best when she told me that last semester she stopped worrying about grades and her GPA and began to do well! I had such a good time last semester that it reflected in my grades and the best GPA per semester I've had so far.

I also enjoyed myself academically. It's a great feeling knowing you've chosen your own path and not once have I had to kick my own ass over my choices. I've come to know and adore some wonderful professors and I just don't know how I would have got on without their support.

I also got some amazing opportunities here at school. I got a fellowship that let me write for a newsletter, got to meet alums at different events, and even went to a Rangers game as MSG in a suite! I can never sit in the stands after that experience!

And the school treats me well. Everyone is very supportive and I try to give back as much as I can. I go to a really great law school and I try to do everything in my power to tell everyone in the world! I love saying I go to New York Law School because I have every reason to.

One thing I don't love, though, is having 3 finals in 4 days. I have Sex and the Law on 5/14 at 9am, Admin Law at 6pm on 5/15, and Con Law at 1:30pm on 5/17. I can't tell you how I panicked about that for weeks, really unable to figure out if I could do that. But, you know, I had 2 kids, I can fucking do anything.

I began to worry about grades and wasn't actually accomplishing anything. Days would go by and I'd have some kind of outline or work but I couldn't tell you I was retaining anything. Then, last Tuesday, Admin Prof says final is open book and everything just fell into place.

I don't know why hearing that just set the wheels turning, but I am glad. I was getting fed up of my internal moaning. It was all I could think about - 3 in 4 days, 3 in 4 days - it was some kind of sick mantra that was making me sick. Where was the confident chick of last semester? She gone.

But learning that this exam, what I expect to be the most challenging, was open book just made me sit up! By the end of that day, I had a plan. This prof was also going to set aside his last 2 classes for review, so I thought I would stick with Admin Law till the end of the week, Sunday. On Monday, it's me and Con Law till 4 days before Sex & the Law, when that's all I'll focus on.

Sex is also open book, but it bit odd to study for. I know I better know Lawrence v. Texas inside and out, but other than that, I'm a bit stumped.

For Admin, I've made a binder of all the cases and notes from the semester and tabbed the hell out of that puppy. We had 1 of our 2 review sessions today and it was the best class I've been to all year! I actually thanked the Prof afterwards.

Con Law is closed book. It's been my favorite class this semester and I don't want to fuck it up, but it's a lot to remember. Pray for mojo.

And Labor Relations is giving us a take-home paper as a final. I can't imagine dealing with that right now and am not really dealing with it. I can only hope she wants it back AFTER the Con Law final, which is when I will have time to work on it. Not too happy with that class. The Prof has been weird about questions all semester. I have her again in the Spring!

So, me as a 2L is almost past tense. Not quite yet, because I am off to Con Law class. I am tired of learning new stuff! It's time to study.