Saturday, January 23, 2010

so... um... maybe time's come to say something

It's been almost a whole week since I got my acceptance letter to New York Law. Barring acceptance from Cardozo, I'm going to accept the acceptance. I was pretty damn thrilled to get the letter and didn't sleep for almost 2 days. The day after it came, I spent at Harlem Academy, where everyone's first comment to me was, "You look so tired."

And I was. My head was racing so bad that I couldn't sleep. John and I spent some time in initial discussions about going to NY Law and a lot of decisions have to be made. I'm trying to fill out my FAFSA forms, only to be stonewalled by lack of income tax paperwork. Telling Pie was tough: he really wants none of this law school business.

I thought as he got older it would get easier, for both of us. But he is so great to be around, he makes me laugh and I love just chatting with him. I don't know how either of us is going to cope come August.

I keep hoping for Cardozo, not just because I am in love with the place, but because the first year would be part-time and would make the transition easier for all of us. I worry about John having to drop Pie to school in the morning. Pickup is easier, but he sleeps a good hour extra in the morning when I take Pie. I feel terrible taking that away from him. Not to mention him having to get the kid breakfast and pack his lunch, which I supposed I can do the night before, but it's still a task to get mornings going.

Every so often, just because I can, I let Pie get away with murder in the morning. I get up a little earlier sometimes to make him a breakfast that doesn't involve cereal. Sometimes, I cook after he's gone to school and then drop off a hot lunch for him at noon. Sometimes, I go have lunch with him and we have an identical meal. He gets such a kick out of it. I cannot describe how much I am going to miss all of that.

I've also spent much of this academic year living at Harlem Academy. I volunteer for a lot of things because I know I won't be able to do much once school starts. Hell, even before school starts. I didn't realize I'd love it so much or that they would start giving me stuff to do. I told them about law school and getting accepted but it's going to be tough letting go of the greatest school on the planet.

But I am excited about starting. I'm dying to go laptop shopping with the husband. I am going the PC route and there's a cute Toshiba model I have my eye on, but I am keeping my Mac for as long as it lasts.

I'm dying to go to Staples and make my name with stationery. I'd like to go to the school and sit in a class. Kaplan also offers a 1L mock session, so I will be going to one of those. I'm making lists and taking names. I can't wait and I'm terrified as all hell!