Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lazy blogger

I used to update all the time when I was over on Journalspace. I guess because i had friends there, people read me and I truly enjoyed it. Now, maybe not so much.

I also don't care to post about a lot of the stuff that's been happening to me. Some of it I really want to keep away from the Innernets and some I am just too lazy to record. I screw around on FB and Twitter, but even that is in phases. I'll get into a posting frenzy and then not bother for weeks.

I've been reading a lot. A couple of times I ran away from home. Today, I might go to the zoo, even though it's snowing.

I've been checking out libraries in the City. That has been fun... until I borrow ten books and have to lug them home. Well, it's a small price to pay for the joy of curling up with one and reading it. I wish it was warmer so I can just go sit outside and read.

Law school is looming and, once again, sleep is elusive. I barely slept last night and am feeling sluggish this morning.

Pie has been loads of fun. He keeps me laughing and glad to be alive. He is so funny and he and his Daddy are like 2 little boys: LOUD!

So, this is essentially a post about nothing really. Or a little of everything?