Monday, April 13, 2009

dancing with the stars - halfway

I love Ty Murray and I was hoping he'd wow with every dance and actually win this thing (even though I vote for Gilles and Cheryl every week!). He tried so hard and he always looks like he's licking it in rehearsal, but when he gets to the floor, he goes back to being so stiff. Poor guy.

I am never going to forget Mark and Kristi Yamaguchi's sexy rumba. I was wondering if he would come back with something so daring with little Shawn Johnson, but he did keep it age-appropriate, while still showing off her splits' skills. They looked very lovely together.

I'm sorry, but Lawrence Taylor needs to go home. Seeing Warren Sapp was great, but LT is as dull as dishwater. Keep Ty and send Taylor home.

Tony and Melissa look like Flavorite ice cream flavors. She is so beautiful and elegant and they have the best rehearsal footage. I am loving that Tony is having a ball. He always has to be the cheerleader with his crying partners (yes, I mean you Marissa Jaret Winokur!), so it's nice the cheerleader is bringing out the goof in him.

Lil Kim wowed me no end last week. Her waltz was something else and I never thought to look for grace in her. With the Jive, though, she looked uncomfortable all the way through. And they took a long time to get into the dance and we didn't see a kick until halfway into the performance. I can't believe Bruno said "fabulous" and Carrie was screaming. I wondered if they saw the same dance. I agree with Len. There wasn't enough Jive. I cannot believe the scores for Kim and Derek.

[Bottom of the 4th: My beloved Yankees are getting their collective asses handed to them by Tampa Bay. I just cannot believe it. John and I have been having discussions about judging players and teams in the first week and I contend that if the organization spent the kind of money that could support a third-world nation to bring players into the team, then I should expect them to reign in the moon and fence it with the stars. So far, I'd be happy if they could find the moon's reflection in a pool of still water.]

Steve-O also annoys me but I'd still take him over Lawrence Taylor. And he has a challenge with the Rumba. Big surprise. He claims a challenge with every dance. And not like the other participants. He always has to "overcome". I'm just tired of it.But I am tired of Taylor more. Lacey is clearly dancing around him. He looks like a piece of wood.

Cheryl really cracks the whip with Gilles. She is a tough cookie. Of course, now she has a partner who can actually dance and she WANTS to win! Gilles really handles it well, though. He's a real trooper. I hope he rocks the Jive, too. His dancing always makes me smile.

[My husband just called me on my phone. He is downstairs. He just called to say hi. Is it any wonder that we're still together for almost 4 years? Actually, at the end of next month, we'd be together 5 years and married for 4 in November. Huh. It is hard to believe. Also, as usual, his talking made me miss important stuff on DwtS: Gilles and Cheryl's score!]

Julianne is wearing some outfit! I could not take my eyes off her. Chuck who?

Ok, so let's start a petition to send Lawrence Taylor home!