Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lazy pet

God, it feels so good not to be studying or heading off to school or worrying about heading off to school and studying! It's going to start back in 2 weeks but I am taking advantage of the guilt-free time off while I can!

I slept till well after 11 today. I took Derek to the doctor and came home and made dinner and watched "M", an excellent Fritz Lang film which just stunned me with it's terrific-ness. Tomorrow is more of the same. Actually, less. I am waking up early to take Der to school but fully intend to come back home and sleep in between loads of laundry! And watch tv in between that!

And now that I've seen Ralph Macchio end his run on "Dancing with the Stars" I am going to hit the bed, where I will read for a while, then play Solitaire which always puts me to sleep. Thank you and g'night.