Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the lsat chronicles - ongoing

Tutor poked fun at me and the many workshops I go to. What I think is that I am getting my money's worth. Kaplan makes all these things available and, even if I am not thrilled by the actual session, at least it is practice. If nothing else, I am ensuring I am applying the method properly and getting questions right.

We had a Logical Reasoning test at the last class and I did so much better than I have ever done before. I was very pleased. I still had some issues with "X unless Y" but Tutor said if I am getting "no X unless Y", then I am on my way. That doesn't stop me from making him explain, with examples, all the time.

The "like-girl" from the class braced me in the elevator on Saturday after class and told me I know everything. I asked her who told her that. We'd never exchanged a single word before that moment. She said I just look like I know everything. I didn't really answer: what am I supposed to say? I do the work? I go online and use the tools? I go to the workshops which no one in my class attends? 

I was curious as to why she spoke to me and took the opportunity to ask her to stop saying "like" so much. I told her I want to throw things at her because her questions are so useful but it is hard to wade through the "likes". She says everyone tells her that but I should look past it to the substance. I asked if she planned to go to law school and her friend said something to the effect of "tell it to the judge", which I couldn't have put better myself.

The next day, it was noticeable how many fewer "likes" were in her speech. 

I have much work to do. I'd like to get through another Logical Reasoning test today and maybe some Logic Games. Plus I have homework for Saturday to hand in and a workshop tomorrow. Two of Pie's friends are coming to spend the night tomorrow as they have no school on Friday. That means John gets left alone with 3 boys until I get home after 10 p.m. And they are with us all day on Friday. Off to the salt mines.