Thursday, February 10, 2011

for posterity and our children

I just wanted to overshare.

@John Hwang
‎5: the number of inches (approximately) of the bone my dog swallowed.

8: the number of religions I've adopted to pray he doesn't need surgery.

Petal Maharaj Hwang
‎*giggle* your dog swallows bone *giggle*

John Hwang
Bitch, the dog could die.

Petal Maharaj Hwang
You gave him the bone!

John Hwang
Yes, but with specific instructions, in writing, not to swallow it.

Petal Maharaj Hwang
Put a bone in your mouth and see if your first instinct isn't to swallow it!

John Hwang
Proves what you know. I just did, and I managed to get the bone out of my mouth before it was halfway down.

Petal Maharaj Hwang
That only means that your technique is poor and you need to practice.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

progress! progress. progress?

Second semester is in full swing and I guess I am too. I'm confident and not at the same time. I go to every single class as prepared as I can be. I do the reading, I try to look beyond the cases and the get to the analysis in terms of the subject matter as a whole. I am trying to study in the way the professors tailor their classes. But is that enough?

I've already spent every weekend except this one at school. The only reason I didn't go this weekend was that I used my free time on Friday to prepare for Monday and Wednesday's Criminal Law classes and brought my Property book home. I've been headachey a couple of days last week and slept like a dead woman yesterday during the day. It was the best nap I've ever had and I really didn't want to wake up. I was in Derek's bed and I was so cozy and warm and no one was home and I didn't have to do anything. But up I gots. I wanted popcorn for some reason.

So I just took the day off yesterday. It wasn't really my intention. I intended to study and do laundry, but I did neither. But I was so relaxed and didn't think about school at all. When John and Der came home, I cuddled with John on the sofa and watched tv with him for most of the evening.

But the headache came back this morning b/c I still have the Property reading to do and no BB to spur me into action. We spend large chunks of the weekend together, holed up in a classroom, studying and just listening to each other. It's a very quiet form of encouragement and I find I miss her this weekend.

Let's see. What else has been going on?

Lawyering. What a class. What do I say about that? Nothing that I can write on a public blog while being a lawyer-in-training. As for the work, we have 3 interviewing simulations to complete for the semester and the first is on Tuesday. I have to interview a "client" about her loss of unemployment compensation. I've prepared my questions and will dust off the lawyer-shoes.

I've been trying to work towards finals and my prep is pretty straight-forward for Crim and Prop, but Legislation and Regulation is going to be a challenge. I like the class and it takes a bit for me to get through the reading, but I soldier on and through. I'm not sure how to start to prepare for the final exam, though. It's one of those things where he could ask anything and I can't imagine how.

Crim is something else. The prof is universally disliked, although I've been wondering. He's been kinda pleasant when he's not teaching. He always smiles when he sees me and says hi and chats and laughs with students when they talk to him before and after class. He has a very abstract way of teaching and he teaches more philosophy than what I expected from this class. I certainly expected the class to be more animated, especially since a good two-thirds of the students were really looking forward to it. Not so much now, I think. It's becoming more a chore to go to this class, especially since I have duck-egg interest in Crim Law.

I've signed up for 2 summer courses: Drafting for Contracts and a Judicial Externship. I went to my K prof for some advice and was so glad that my choices (which I had already made!) lined up exactly with what he told me. I'm looking forward to spending my summer in a State Civil Court and learning how to draft an airtight contract. Good times ahead!

Personally: I cleaned out my FB friends list and it was long overdue. I thought of getting rid of FB altogether and just keeping the blog and Twitter, which are more private. I haven't actually stopped thinking of that option.