Sunday, February 12, 2012

letting it go

So I'm trying to be a big girl and cope with what happened last Tuesday. I was so disappointed. I hate being disappointed more than any other emotion. It's the worst feeling for me. But, there is nothing I can do about it. I have a lot of great people sending me good thoughts, and I know there is a very slim chance of me not getting a positive determination. Maybe I can think of it as the agent having more time to really see I can be an asset here. My little guy is already a citizen and I'm doing pretty well here, all things considered.

Ok. Back to being a grown-up. And good thoughts to the agent who is reading my file. I hope he gets to go on holiday soon.

Semester is going well, this past week included. I took the day off on Wednesday and slept till 3 in the afternoon. I needed that. I felt refreshed for the first time in a while. I even presented my case in Labor Relations on Thursday, feeling way more confident about it since I prepped it weeks ago!

Work is also going well. I've asked to continue through the summer. I feel I can get more out of the experience if I am able to see some things through the process, rather than in piecemeal. My boss seems pleased with me and the intern manager said that if I really wanted to stay, I'd get an upfront pick before he chooses summer interns. Fingerseyestoes crossed.

I'm in school today, trying to get through the readings for Labor Relations and Admin Law for the week. I'm also not as on top of review as I was last semester, so I need to start using my weekends more wisely. It's hard when it's so cold, the husband is so warm and the baby is so cute. But I wind up suffering by not doing what I should be doing. I cannot afford to be lost so early in the semester and I've already begun to feel that way in Admin Law. In class, anyway. I need to catch up for this past week.

So, Back to Bom!