Sunday, May 23, 2010

law school blogging

I've been so drippy about blogging lately. I feel like I've been haunted by my Journalspace posts: all the little things I posted about over the years that are now lost in cyberspace and my sons will never read.

I'm of two minds about law school blogging. I guess if I continue to post here, it will be a public blog. I've been burned by a public post just once, in a very early post, and although it didn't reach the dooced stage, I was hurt and hurt someone else. Funnily enough, I didn't care for the person I blogged about, just the person who was indirectly brought into it and I was incensed by the fact that someone I considered a friend decided to copy and paste my blog and send it to the person I blogged about. I stood by what I wrote, in that it was all true, but I took it down and only use people's names once I have their permission.

But if I decide to write about law school and join the hundreds or thousands of law school blogs out there, I have to decide how to share what I want to write about and with whom.

The two people who read this already know I'll be going to New York Law School and a simple Google search will probably get them the names of my professors once I start. I, on the other hand, will stick to Prof Civ Pro and Prof Contracts. Writing about classmates will be the diciest bit and since people tend to piss me off easily, so how can I write about people?

The other issue is will I have the time to post. I've been combing the law school blogs for over a year now and even some of people who have already graduated, reading through their archives when I can. If they had the time, why shouldn't I?

As for now, I've signed up for Law Preview. I know there are 2 schools of thought about pre-1L activities, but I've been home for nearly 5 years now. I can handle 6 days of Law Preview. Pie will be in school anyway, so it's not like I'm sucking up his time.

He seems to be better about me going to school. I took him to NY Law and he just loved the place. He went inside classrooms and saw the cafeteria and the terrace and cannot wait to go back. I really must find some time to take him in August, when I actually start.

I'm going to try to blog Law Preview as best as I can. I'd like my boys to read this one day and see their mum isn't some old lady who is trying to cramp their style.