Monday, June 14, 2010

i dislike "like"

Man, I cannot describe the boiling feeling inside of me when someone uses "like" every second word. I do not know how a teacher can stand hearing someone expound and have to sift through every "like" to get at the real words. Every time that happened in class, I wanted to scream out, "Stop saying like!"

That, and the fact the husband lambasted me almost as soon as he saw me, out on the street (the man couldn't wait for me to get inside the damn house because that bag damn heavy), were the only stains on a very good day. I'm trying to think about the good day.

So, Tort Law is something else, but I cannot describe how happy I am to be taking this class. I do not think any 1L prof is going to break down the thing quite like the prof did today. It is so much easier to approach a case actually knowing what the law is about.

Prof Tort described herself as not funny and lacking any sense of humor, but she managed to keep us laughing right through. Everyone in her hypotheticals died very dead and I wondered if I took a drink for every dead person...

While I was thinking that the defendants get the short end of the stick, I realized today that the onus is on the plaintiff to bring the proof out. Many times, the defendants win. Maybe that should be so because the world is pretty litigious as it is.

She really got me to think and, although I never actually got called on, it was a good feeling to see I was moving in the right directions in many cases. I used up almost my entire notepad b/w the case briefings and the notes from today. Thank goodness I left the undersides of the pages I wrote about the cases blank. It made it easier to take notes about them on the blank sides.

We were told that Prof Contracts cold-calls in class and we'd better be prepared. Naturally, Contracts is tomorrow and I managed to read 3 of the cases on the train ride home. And briefed none. You KNOW I'm getting called on tomorrow. And what am I doing now? That's right! Writing in my blog!

I'm still also reading "One-L" and that book is scary. The pressure these 1Ls put themselves under is overwhelming just to read about. I sat next to a fellow NYLS student and The Law Preview Dude had us go around the room saying what law school we are attending. When he came to us, he asked if we knew each other before and we said a little bit. He asked if it was a love match getting started and I held up my left hand over my head and pointed at my wedding band. The Dude said it wouldn't last beyond the first year. I laughed, but...

I read about Turow's marriage stress and wonder how we're going to get through it. We're already so separate in so many ways. Maybe that's a good thing. We don't rely on each other for friendship or doing things and one of us always has a Pie to contend with. When we do spend time together, just the two of us, it's nice, but we really don't count on it to fulfill us. At least, I no longer do. I used to hate not seeing John or not being alone with him. But I think that in preparing myself for the undertaking that is law school, I kind of let that go.

Le Pie wants his dinner.