Sunday, August 1, 2010

overwhelmed much?

So I got my schedule, section assignments and some assigned reading this week. The first day was just elation at getting stuff we should have got a week before and sharing with other NYLS-ers on FB. That was quite thrilling. We were all so excited, it was beyond cute.

Then a phone conversation with a classmate made me realize there was so much I didn't look at in the info they sent. We got access to the NYLS portal, where everything school-related will be kept. I just looked at the first week schedule and the reading assignments. I didn't even know the schedule for the entire semester was posted until I read an evening student's question about making it to a 4 o'clock class.

NYLS created a FB page for admitted students and it has been a boon. I've had so many questions and the goodly people I will be sharing the Mendik liberry with for the next 3 years have come through in spades. So have the student advocates from NYLS. And there are no stupid questions, let me tell you.

I finally found my schedule this afternoon and had to email my advocate to ask her if TR meant Tuesday and Thursday or just Tuesday. I was building my schedule to put up at home and I was awfully chuffed at the thought of having Tuesdays off. Unfortunately, it was not to be. I did also discover that I wasn't the only one flailing in that sea of confusion! I was a little relieved.

I've been trying to be calm and approach the reading the way I supposed to. So far, I have most of my Civ Pro books and have been reading "Storming the Court", which I'm about halfway through. I am hoping to create a timetable to share myself with all my reading and the boys. John had a look at my schedule and I can drop Pie to school Tues and Thurs and pick him up on Wed and Fri. I really hope this works out. I find I have to force myself to think about the other things in my life and recognize they need my attention as well.

On a lighter note, my sexy bookbag is arriving tomorrow, as well as some of my books. I ordered one from the NYLS bookstore and plan to head down tomorrow to pick it up. I'm also going to try to do some work while Le Pie is home... we'll see how that goes.