Saturday, August 7, 2010

bitch bitch bitch

With only 2 courses assigning material for the semester, I already feel swamped. I'm hoping to have at least the first week's reading for Civ Pro and Contracts done by the time school starts. I've taken to leaving the house or locking myself in the bedroom when I need to focus.

I've done one book for Civ Pro, but haven't answered the set questions or any of the other reading. And this is just for the first class... not the first week.

I've done reading from 2 books for Contracts, again just for the first class. I still have another piece of reading to prepare for it. Nothing has come for Torts and that worries me.

It doesn't help that Derek is talking non-stop to me these days. I cannot wait till he goes back to school so at least I have some time at home to read in peace. Sometimes, leaving the house is the only way to get some quiet, despite the Starbucks experience yesterday where not even my iPod could drown out that wretched music.

I think my shopping is going to done by today. I've bought all the books I could buy for now. I have Louisa the laptop and the Keen bookbag. I have some new clothes and plan to go to Target today to get some more. J&R Music World is also a stop to get an optical drive for Louisa. I think I own every pen in the world!

I do look forward to school starting. The first week seems a nice mix of class and welcoming events. Part of me wants it to start now and part of me thinks I could use another couple of weeks to come to terms with it! There is no pleasing me.