Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I'm going to New York Law later this year.

I spent the day there on Monday. They are having a series of Admitted Students events for the next four or five weeks so their various action Centers can be explored. I initially could not find an Intellectual Property day, so I chose to go to the first event just so I could see the school and meet a couple of professors.

I took a tour of the school last year, before summer. They had not completed their new building, so I toured the old one. I did like it a lot, even then. But the new building is really blow-mind. It's all glass and the views of New York are fantastic. I have no idea how anyone studies when there is all that free gazing to be had. I can already see I have to spend a lot of time in the library!

I had a really good time on Monday. I came away thinking that I'd really like going to that school. I was truly torn between there and Cardozo. I was actually relieved I didn't have to make the decision and really stoked to be going there.

The people were awesome and everyone was very helpful. People there answer my emails in record time. That is always appreciated. I got to speak to a couple of students, who were great about answering my questions. I can't wait to do that for someone else next year.

The classrooms are huge, and I got to sit in a Con Law lecture. The library is several floors and there are lots of common areas to study.

I'm actually going back for another session, having discovered when I was there that there is a focus on IP day in April. Since I don't have to do the tour, I can spend some time with some professors and really get a feel for what's going on in the place.

Plus, I can't wait to buy my new computer!