Sunday, April 24, 2011

i are going through a "grah"

A grah is an especially black period of bad luck. If you believe in that sort of thing.

I lost my wallet. I had my NY ID and green card in it and that is the most tiresome and frustrating part of it. Replacing my green card could take up to a month, or more, and I cannot get New York ID without it.

I'm bummed about the rest of the stuff but mostly because I cannot do anything about the lost credit and insurance cards. John is primary holder in everything and he has to make all those phone calls. I'm staying out of his way for the next few days.

I called the one card in my name and got that sorted. They even checked to see if any purchases were made yesterday, when I didn't use the card at all. Thankfully, nothing.

I think I lost it getting out of a livery cab in the rain yesterday morning. But I remember taking out the money to pay the cab and putting the wallet back into my pocket. I took money out before we got to our stop and I didn't get any change, so had no reason to take the wallet back out. It was raining really hard and I was so mad that I had to get out of bed to take Derek to Saturday Club in that mess and then find out when I got there that there was no Saturday Club because of the long Easter weekend and then take him back home. But I could swear I put the wallet back into my pocket before I left the cab.

I looked all over the house this morning. It's a pretty big wallet, so it can't fall behind a crack or something. It's also brand-new and just the day before I was telling John how much I loved it because it was so big.

These things happen to people every day and there is no reason for me to shut down over it. The green card thing is troubling, but I will be sending in the request tomorrow morning and praying after that. My new card will be arriving on Thursday and I can stay home to wait for it. In the meantime, finals are looming and I need to focus and study and stay out of John's way!

Oh, and I lost one of the rubber thingies on my ear buds this morning. Thank goodness I will be getting a new iPod and headphones next Saturday. But it's hell on my ear till then.