Thursday, June 24, 2010


I got my first reading assignment for school today. An email came with a buncha information and a book for Legal Process: "Whose Monet? An Introduction to the American Legal System". Thankfully, from a skim of the contents, I covered a lot of this stuff in LP, so at least I won't feel like I'm swimming up a creek with no paddle.

I had dinner with my LSAT Tutor a couple of days ago. He looks just as fine as ever and he's even smarter now. He's been really helpful and if I was his mum, I'd be really proud of him.

He was great with the advice of his approach to 1L. He highly recommended swearing by "Getting to Maybe" for exams, as much as I recommend "1L" to people who have spouses. LP Dude suggested people in not-married or not-living-together relationships break up with their b/f or g/f. By the end of the week of prep, two people confessed to breaking up with their boyfriends. I'm glad I won't be a part of those conversations.

But I understand. I can't exactly take a break from my kid, who is my greater concern over my husband, at least relationship-wise. I've done the single parent thing and I feel so bad for leaving it up to John for at least the first year. I didn't take the LP classes over the summer because I thought it would be unfair to ask John to go out of his way twice a day to take Pie to camp and pick him up. Once in a way is fine, but every day for a week is a bit much for someone holding down a full-time job. At least Pie's camp will be over by the time I start school and we've made arrangements for the rest of his summer vacation.

Tutor pointed out he didn't have a girlfriend. Apart from wondering how someone so pretty can be without, I know it makes sense to be single. I like my husband and kid and I don't want to be single, but it would make things a lot easier. Of course, the irony is that I wouldn't even be in law school if I didn't marry the man and bring the kid for him.

So, while I continue to struggle with that, my first reading assignment came in. It is beginning to start and I am so excited. I just bought the book and it should get here in a couple of days.

The school is sending emails every few days with info about the first week. Lots of stuff going on. It looks like we will be doing either Civ Pro or Torts in small classes of about 40 or so. I'm hoping I get into Torts for the fall, as it's the one I think I might have most trouble with. I liked Civ Pro a lot and hope I get a Prof who is going to sustain the liking.

That's the other thing. Apart from Nadine Strossen and James Grimmelman, I don't know anything about the other NYLS Profs who will be teaching me. I won't find out who they are until that first week and won't be able to ask upperclassmen any questions till then either.

There's so much to think about, but I still cannot wait. I am dying to immerse myself and hope that I don't get lost in there.